Savage Worlds RPG: Sundered Skies

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Sundered Skies is a world of constant change. The
shattered remains endlessly move through the void
where the land orbits and collides. The constant
glow drives some mad but strengthens others as
they struggle to survive on jagged islands left after
the Sundering. Sailors navigate sky ships, risking
death from beasts, pirates, and necromantic barges.
Scavengers brave dangers to discover ancient relics
or eke out a living salvaging the remains of the
world. Explore fantasy as you�ve never experienced,
with the help of new Edges and equipment only
found in Sundered Skies, on your own or following
the Plot Point campaign seeking the truth behind
the Skies� epic history.

� 144 page full color hardcover dark fantasy/horror
� Complete Savage Worlds setting in one book.
� Powered by the award-winning Savage Worlds
game system, emphasizing fast play and furious
� Brooding steampunk fantasy setting, which includes
exciting Plot Point campaign to unearth the
secrets of the Skies.
� New rules for flying ships, and a Savage twist on
traditional fantasy races.
� Requires the Savage Worlds rulebook to play (Explorer's Edition).