New Resistance: Avalon Indie Family Interactive Full English Board Game

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Justice and evil begin a decisive battle in Avalon, which is related to the future civilization of mankind. Arthur represents Britain's future and commitment to prosperity and glory, but in his brave warrior group there is a conscience of the Medrred minions. The number of these evil forces is small, but they know each other and try to hide the evil identity between Arthur and his loyalists.

Only Merlin knew who was the evil minion, but he could not tell it. This is because if Merlin reveals his true identity, the efforts of the Justices will fall short.

The result will be "the evil is not upright", or is "the magic high one" let Avalon fall into the hands of the evil Modred?

Resistance organization: Avalon is a game that can operate independently. You don't need to be happy to play, but if you add up to two games, it will be more fun!