Alternity Gamemaster Guide

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Alternity Gamemaster Guide: Rules for Modern to Far-Future Roleplaying Games (Hardcover Rules Book).2801 8.8"x0.8"x11.2"; 256 pages; 1.9 lb. TSR--the company that virtually invented role-playing with their ground-breaking Dungeons and Dragons--now brings you the brave new world of Alternity, where players act out the adventures of heroes, citizens and scoundrels against a science-fiction backdrop populated with intriguing personalities and exotic aliens. While not "generic," Alternity is much more flexible than D&D or many other role-playing games on the market. The system promotes character creation (instead of random generation) and complete worldbuilding, and the rules allow the game to be set anytime between next week to the dawn of the fourth millennium. The Gamemaster Guide contains all the information you need to run Alternity sessions and create your own scenarios. The book contains a sample adventure to get you started, offers a wealth of details to facilitate refereeing, and provides tools to help you build your own little corner of the universe.