It Always Pays To Be Suspicious

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It Always Pays To Be Suspicious


It was a forlorn, gray morning in a nameless duchy, and the group was invited to meet with a local man inside his appropriately creepy house. The adventurers had just trudged through a ring of misty fog surrounding the land, and one of the companions voiced his suspicion that the moisture was, in fact, poison.

This particular member of the group was known to be untrusting, a loner by nature and not real well liked by his peers. So, the rest of the cadre just laughed it off and continued on through. Upon reaching the home and meeting their contact, once again the issue of the fog was raised and met with a polite, but uninformative answer. Before discussing business, the man offered his guests some refreshment, in the way of wine and various foodstuffs.

Most of the group quickly dug in, but the member who had voiced suspicions earlier, refused any and all offerings. Everyone else chided him on his bad manners, but this rogue refused to listen, dumping out the wine and watching warily as his companions continued to eat and drink without care.

Imagine the surprise the group experienced when the dungeon master announced that everyone, save the suspicious one, had fallen into a deep sleep, with their contact watching with an evil grin. The remaining member of the group saved the day, of course, and we were never allowed to hear the end of his distrust again. Especially after the dungeon master revealed that the fog had, in fact, been poisonous.

Sometimes, it pays to be suspicious.


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