Tents Tortoises and Tailgates

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So this blog post has nothing to do with games, gaming, or anything remotely related. Its a tribute to the career that my brother, Scott, has pursued over the last 15 plus years. You see, after spending an eternity in college(OK, so it was only like 7 years), he graduated with a degree in Conservation Biology and went off to have many real life adventures around the world.

He was diving into a river filled with alligators in order to survey the local snapping turtle population. He was kayaking through spiderweb filled marshes looking for the now infamous Willow Flycatcher. He has been to the US Virgin Islands, Australia, and Costa Rica. He has climbed mountains and he has hiked the Inca trail on the way to Machu Picchu. 

In short, while we have been fantasizing about adventures, he has been living them. Finally, after getting a little long in the tooth, he was hiking in the Mojave desert and slipped while walking along a ridge. Rolling down the side, through Cholla cactus filled terrain, it occurred to him that maybe the days of adventure should come to an end.

It was at that time that he wrote his first book, Tents, Tortoises, and Tailgates: My Life as a Wildlife Biologist. It is full of stories of his adventures. Humor, adventure, and just a description of a life foreign to most of us fill the pages. I highly recommend it. So, check it out and let me know what you think.



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