Heroic Deeds and Heroic Fails

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The prisoner was rescued. The team was back on the transport. Enemies were hot on their trail. Lasers were blasting back on forth. The group was screaming for the last member of the party to get up the ramp and onto the ship.

Do-Chu-Ma, the Wookie, was speeding through a cluster of troopers shooting blasters on a swoop, a vehicle described by the GameMaster as as "a big f%$&ing engine with a seat", not sure if he would make it before being blaster to pieces or wrecking his vehicle and incinerating himself. Unable to wait any longer, the party on board the transport gave the order to begin to take-off.

Do-Chu-Ma saw this and gunned it, putting his foot firmly down on the accelerator. Miraculously, he got through the troops firing at him and managed to maneuver around the rocky landscape without dying, however, one daunting truth was still out there. The ship was now a good ten feet off the ground.

The Wookie turned to his GameMaster and said "I'm going to make it. I'll drive the swoop up to the top of the mountain and jump it INTO the ship as it takes off".

Incredulous, the GM shouted "there is no way that works...". After some heated arguing, it was finally agreed that an attempt could be made. Summoning all his luck, Do-Chu-Ma rolled like his life depended on it, because.. well.. it did. As the dice stopped moving, the Wookie smiled. The GM looked on in disbelief, and the party cheered. Finally, the leader of the gaming group shrugged and said:

"OK, you did it, you are on the ship".

One of the more improbable and spectacular escapes in the history of Star Wars: The Role Playing Game, this incident shows that sometimes heroes need to do heroic things, and as the GameMaster, you need to at least let them try, even if it does not always turn out the way you want.

The evil villain, having freshly stolen priceless items from the group of adventurers climbed aboard his griffon and waived them adieu.

"Goodbye, my friends", he smirked as the griffon flapped its wings.

Dakyron, incensed at the villain's smug attitude looked at his Dungeon Master and said:

"I'm going to jump off the rock and grab the griffon's leg".

Everyone at the table laughed at the thought of the elven warrior jumping off the edge of a cliff and grabbing hold of a monstrous creature's leg as it flew away.

"What will you do if you make it? Fight him on the back of a flying griffon?"

"Its too far!"

More and more of the party chimed in at this ridiculous new development, but it quieted down when the DM spoke:

"If you miss, you will fall to your death. You will be dead."

Dakyron nodded, noting his high dexterity score. He held the die tight in his fist before rolling it. It spun around the table before coming to a stop, and laughter erupted from the party as Dakyron the brave leapt fruitlessly to his death, cursing the villain with his last breath.

A character sheet was crumpled and tossed at a fellow adventurer who made a joke at the fallen warrior's expense.

Even though it did not work out, it was good that the DM let Dakyron try his luck at a truly heroic action. It made a memorable moment, and also lent consequence to the actions of the group, something that does not always happen with a lenient DM and an unorthodox group of companions.



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