Getting Bogged Down

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It had been a rough day for the group. The quartet of former white collar employees had watched from the rooftops as their city was consumed by chaos. Bloody faced, violent zombie-like people were roaming the streets, attacking and feasting on their fellow humans. At first the shock had kept them on the 15th floor of the now deserted office building, searching for answers via the internet. However, as time went on, inertia crept in.

The companions argued incessantly about their next move. Scouting missions, just to go to the ground floor and back required hours of planning. A whole day went by, and another, and yet a third day was coming to a close and still the group clung to the precarious refuge that was the 15th floor.

Finally, as the group began discussing yet again what they should do next, the GameMaster finally let the group know:

"It's time we wrapped this up for tonight".

The group sighed and began to gather their character sheets and mostly unused bags of dice, while continuing to debate the best move. The GM, for his part, chastised the group for doing... well... nothing in the six solid hours they had been participating in the game.

"You did not even leave the building!", he yelled out at one point.

While it was humorous in hindsight, what is a GM to do with a group that seemingly will not take any action? Perhaps, sometimes, it might be reasonable to force their hand. Send a zombie out of the elevator perhaps, or cut the power to the building so they cannot endlessly search news pages on the computer. Anything to get the players into the action.

On the other hand, this is their time, and if the group seems to be enjoying doing little other than plan and bicker over their fate, then maybe leave them to it.


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