Why I'm closing our brick and mortar store

Posted by Brenton Lillie on

So this Saturday, 4/16/2022 was our last day with Owlbear Games brick and mortar store, open for business. While we will still sell your favorites games and accessories online via our webstore, the in-person sales will no longer be available. The reason for this: time. 

I've simply found that being a shopkeeper, full time engineer, dad, husband, and gamer is just one too many occupations. While it sounds fun to own your gaming store, and it was, the store never came close to producing enough income to replace my day job. So I couldn't quit engineering. 

My daughter liked going to the store at first, but a 10 year old cooped up in a gaming store, told not to touch or play with any of the games is a recipe for a bored child getting into trouble. After doing some research, I found out that she is too old to just drop off at the local fire station(I kid, don't send me angry messages), so I couldn't quit being a dad. 

Being happily married, and seeing that almost 50% of marriages end in divorce, the odds tell me that I should keep around the one woman I've found willing to put up with me. So I can't quit being a husband. 

I'm not going to quit gaming, and there is really no need to even discuss such a ridiculous idea. 

So, as you can see, that leaves being a shopkeeper as the one thing I can quit. So while owning my own gaming store was a dream I've had for years, I am happily turning in my keys knowing that I at least gave it a shot. 

I truly appreciate all the people who have stopped by over the last year, and hope you continue your patronage by using our webstore. 


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