Polaris: The Roleplaying Game

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I was browsing Netflix last night and I came across what can only be described as one of the world's least scientifically valid science-fiction movies of all time: Waterworld. A 1990s era Kevin Costner epic, in which global warming melts the polar ice caps and floods the entire world. Now, every exists on ramshackle floating communities and individual boats, and of course, one little girl has the secret to finding dry land, which somehow has never been found.

At the time it was one of the most expensive movies ever made, and while it has some nostalgic value, it truly is a horrifyingly bad movie. Quality aside, though, it makes you wonder how you roleplay out a character in such a setting. Which brings me to the world of Polaris: The Roleplaying Game.

I had seen the kickstarter campaign for the English language version of Polaris, but I did not know much about the game, other than it had a post-apocalyptic underwater setting. Of course, a post-apocalyptic underwater setting deserves some attention and a quick google brought forth some reviews. After reading this review, I immediately ordered a set of books and now offer Polaris books and supplements here at Owlbear Games Arizona.

"This game has a ton of worthy buzz surrounding it, and is definitely a must-have for fans SeaQuest, Mad Max, and Metal Hurlant (that’s Heavy Metal to you and me). The combination of a slick package, solid and time-tested system, and unique setting make it a refreshing entry in the American RPG market." - Michael Holmes.

So read the full review and check it out, and if you are interested, you can get the core rulebook set for $79.99($30 less than on Amazon). After all, I'm sure an afternoon of roleplaying Polaris has to be better than streaming Waterwold.


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