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So continuing on the theme of post-apocalyptic adventures from our last post, this week we are taking a look at Maximum Apocalypse, the roleplaying game. Our friends at wrote up a nice review that can be summarized as:

"Obviously I enjoyed the heck out of Maximum Apocalypse RPG. The game system is easy to pick up and versatile in play. Stories don’t get much more dramatic and tense than survival tales and with the incredible dangers facing multi apocalyptic survivors you never know how things will turn out. A single scenario packs a ton into the experience and if your character survives, a follow up scenario hammers home the same thrills as you wonder just what apocalyptic catastrophe Maximum Apocalypse RPG throws at you next. "

The game is all about surviving a world where seemingly everything can and will kill you, and has the feel of an MMORPG in a tabletop game, complete with a MMORPG style crafting system.

"One of the key components of a post apocalyptic survival story — probably the most important of all — is making due with what you can find and I love the way Maximum Apocalypse handles this aspect along with resource management in general. As you survive scenarios you’ll gather Component Pieces. You’ll spend these to craft gear and equipment, fix broken things and so on. Basically this is the currency and resource management rolled into one. We used ours collectively as a group to craft a makeshift bridge and individually to repair weapons we scavenged and fashion unique items. Ammunition is universal, meaning you don’t need to find different bullets for your pistol and a rifle. "

Check out a gaming session to see how the game flows, and if you want to give it a shot, you can order here:


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