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Posted by Brenton Lillie on

Nord Games, one of my favorite publishers, recently released a new supplement for 5th Edition, called The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting, and Enchanting. It is an incredible book. One that our friends at Nerdarchy have given a thorough review.

Here is an excerpt, by Doug Vehovec:

"Building this sort of in game organization on top of an innovative 5E D&D crafting system provides context for characters and expands the possibilities for crafter focused adventures. The association for each discipline — alchemy, crafting and enchanting — grants perks to members to hone their skills and rise in rank for access to more exclusive recipes. But there’s rules and regulations to follow too, with a hint of espionage so there’s going to be plenty of drama to create individual and group stories moving forward."

Dough is on the money here, as the new guide steers the 5th Edition crafting more towards contemporary MMORPGs, and less in the way of the cumbersome old style of AD&D crafting that required a ridiculous amount of money and still was next to impossible to make something useful.

So I highly encourage you to check it out!




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