A Review of The Green Cauldron adventure module for DnD 5E

Posted by Brenton Lillie on

A review of the adventure module: The Green Cauldron, by Greg Webster of Spacemonster Publishing.


                The Green Cauldron is a beginner’s level adventure module for DnD 5E. The module is very well thought out, complete with hooks, maps, monsters, and different scenarios depending on the action of the players. This is different from many adventure modules, which often feel like you must trap your players into following the script, something that goes against the spirit of tabletop role playing games.

                The adventure also contains some interesting twists and while not overly difficult, bad decisions by the party could result in an unfortunate incident ending with the party rolling up new characters. Reading through the module, I certainly enjoyed the artwork and professional feel. It was well organized and easy to follow. Less experienced players and dungeon masters will have no problem following the plot line.

                The module can also be extended, via the dungeon master’s own creativity, to be the start of an entire campaign. Just reading through the adventure I immediately began to think of long-term strategies and goals that players would have and how they can be integrated into the setting. The adventure module makes it easy for even novice groups to start with the Green Cauldron and then continue with a home brewed campaign afterward, based on the actions of the players during this adventure.

                Overall, I would definitely recommend this module, especially to newer players just getting started with 5E DnD. Anyone looking for this module can find it on DriveThruRPG.com.


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